hello, I am:

Typhaine Uro

a 2D/3D Game Artist

working as a freelancer


Tyu Orphinae

a Game Developer

part of Klondike

currently based in Berlin, Germany

hello, I am:

Typhaine Uro, a 2D/3D Game Artist

working as a freelancer


Tyu Orphinae, a Game Developer

part of Klondike

currently based in Berlin, Germany

Commercial Projects

Toca Life

2D Artist and Tech Artist at Toca Boca

The Toca Life series can be described as digital dollhouses, each app having its own theme.

On top of being a regular artist, I’ve also been responsible for the technical side of the art (guidelines, bug fixing, Illustrator scripting, mentoring) and offered coding assignment help services for students.

Worked on: Toca Life: Stable, Hospital, Office, Pets and After School, a temporary update for City, and some accessories for Toca Hair Salon 3.

Cosmic Express

Made with Alan Hazelden, Benjamin Davis, Nick Dymond and Maize Wallin

I met Alan and Ben at GDC, right after attending Alan’s talk on A Good Snowman is Hard To Build. They were looking for a 3D artist for their next game, and we ended up making Cosmic Express together.

I was responsible for the whole art production.

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Personal projects


A 4 player card game made during Splash Jam 2017

Séance is a simple card game which tells the story of 4 people who summoned an evil spirit, and have to sacrifice someone among them to banish it.

The gameplay is heavily inspired by Sushi Go, for its rotation dynamic and memory aspect, and Love Letter, for its "sudden death" component.

Physical decks are now available here

Your Darkest Thoughts

Made in 4 days as a warmup

A small cathartic experience to help you express your deepest thoughts and worries with no need to hold back.

Your Darkest Thoughts was meant as a very simple tool to use as an ephemeral diary. Only the action of typing the words count, nothing is saved by the game. It was heavily inspired by Alice Lai's Only At Night.


Graduation game project

Quur is a game in which we wanted the player to understand that there are ways to solve a situation without the need to be violent.

Made with: Caroline Bitterly, Héloïse Lozano, Dante Medina, Thibaud Troalen, Lucie Viatgé and Arthur Vilain.

Worked on: shaders and VFX, some UI, character design, environment design, as well as the website and the trailer.


Made in 2 weeks for Pet Jam 2015

You have to take care of your small gesit until it's ready to join the afterlife. Each gesit has its own most and least favorite food, so be careful what you feed them!

Tamagesit is the first 3D game I made entirely by myself. I used it to learn how to code in C# while having the pressure of a very tight deadline.

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2D and 3D art
More about me

I tend to get stuck between two opposite obsessions, and try my best to explore that duality in everything I do - no matter whether I do my coding assignment for myself or help other students cope with their homework. .

My main tools are Photoshop, Illustrator, Unity (C#), 3ds max.

I'm also knowledgeable in After Effects, Maya, Javascript, HTML and CSS (like this website).